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Below is a copy of the 2011 General track rules, code of conduct, race procedures, protest fees, etc.  For a specific class click on the buttons above.  Each class is a printable version of the rules, just click on the printer button in your browser tool bar to print out a copy of the rules for any particular class.

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1.All drivers, car owners, mechanics and anyone else must sign a release and purchase a pit pass before entering the pits. No one will be permitted to cross the track at anytime unless instructed to do so by a raceway official.  Violators will be subject to ejection from the pit area.

2.The conduct of any car owner, driver or crew member that is considered unsportsman like or detrimental to the continuance of an event, shall be subject to a fine and/or barred from further competition at Penton Raceways Inc.

3.any driver, car owner, mechanic or crew member who encourages or takes part in adverse demonstrations or fighting on the track or surrounding premises before, during or after an event shall be subject to a fine, immediate suspension, and/or loss of prize money and/or arrested by the Chambers County Sheriff’s Department.

4.Any driver, car owner, mechanic or crew member who shall commit assault or threaten to do bodily harm to any speedway official or other person under their orders, shall be barred from competition at Penton Raceways Inc. and/or subject of prosecution.

5.Drivers indulging in intoxicating beverages before entering the race premises or while in attendance at the raceway is strictly forbidden.  Violation of above shall result in long-term suspension and possible suspension of the car he is associated with.

6.Any Driver, car owner, or crew member who climbs on the flag stand without being instructed to do so will be fined $200.00 (dollars).

7.Any unnecessary roughness on the race track will cause the race to be stopped, and the person or persons involved will be black flagged and put into the pits.

8.All drivers are held responsible for the actions of their crew members.  If they come onto the race track to argue with track officials or to threaten other drivers could result in a two (2) week suspension for both driver and his crew.

9.If a driver stops his racecar or gets out of the car to argue with an official, said driver will be asked to leave the race track.  Any further confrontation will result in a two (2) week suspension.

10. It is suggested that someone of your pit crew stay with your car at all times while it is in the pit area.

11. All cars must be self starting.

12 .All cars must be numbered on each side and top.  Top number must be turned as to read from the right side of the car for scoring purposes.  Numbers must be at least 18 inches tall.  All cars must have weight designation displayed on right pillar.

13 .NO electric fuel pumps permitted in any division.  Only one battery permitted.  NO batteries allowed in drivers compartment.

14.  NO radios or communication equipment allowed in any division except Late Models.

15 .NO driver may compete in two (2) classes on any race night, or during the racing season. Except Late Model & Sportsman.

16. All visual protest must be made to tech inspector 10 minutes prior to the start of any race, heat or feature.  Any car that fails to meet Penton Raceways, Inc. rules will be given one (1) week to make necessary corrections.  If corrections are NOT made by the following week the car will have to move up a division. Any cars not meeting Rules will not be allowed to receive points and purse for that night

17.All protest must be filed along with necessary protest fees to tech inspector within 5 minutes of completion of feature race. Protested car must begin tear down within 30  minutes of notification of protest or forfeits.  Drivers will be responsible for protest car.  All decisions by Penton Raceways, Inc. officials will be FINAL.

18.All participating cars may be inspected and/or asked to be inspected by Penton Raceways, Inc. officials at any time.  This may include the request of a tear down.  Refusal of inspection will result in disqualification.

19.Field for Feature races in All divisions will be determined by heat races, except for special events in which the driver will be notified at the drivers meeting. All  feature winners must start at the end of the field in there heat the following week

20.Refusing to obey the directions of Penton Raceways, Inc. officials could result in a two (2) week suspension.

21.Any situation NOT specifically covered by this rule book will be acted upon by Penton Raceways, Inc. officials and all decisions shall be FINAL.  Rules may be changed or adjusted at anytime during the season, in interest of safety, and fair competition, as deemed necessary by Penton Raceways Inc. staff and officials.



1. All cars must be equipped with a quality roll cage.  Roll cages must be constructed of a 1 ½” steel tubing with a minimum of 4 door bars on drivers side.  Three (3) door bars on the right side and a roof hoop that covers a minimum of the drivers compartment.  All roll cages must be properly reinforced and welded.  NO water pipe, or pipe fittings.  Any roll cages deemed unsafe by Penton Raceways, Inc. officials may NOT be allowed to race until necessary changers are made.

2.All drivers seats must be mounted to a seat hoop that is securely welded to the roll cage.  Seat must be attached with a minimum of 3/8 diameter grade 8 bolts.  NO seats may NOT be mounted directly to floor pan or frame rails.

3.All racecars must be equipped with a minimum of a 4 way quick release safety harness.  All safety harnesses must be a minimum of 3 inches wide, and fastened to the roll cage with a minimum of 3/8 diameter grade 8 bolts.  All safety harnesses may not be more than 3 years old, checked by SFT label on harness.  Any label that has been removed or cannot be read will be considered out of date and must be replaced.

4.It is highly recommended that all divisions have a window net.

5.All participating cars must be equipped with a certified and fully charged fire extinguisher, which must be within easy reach of the driver.

6.All participating drivers must wear a certified fire retarding driving suit.  All drivers must wear a snell certified full-faced helmet with face shield.  Fire resistant gloves, underwear, and shoes are highly recommended.  Any driver found not meeting these safety standards might not be allowed to race or disqualified.

7.All cars must be equipped with a fuel cell in all divisions.  All fuel cells must be enclosed in a 20 gauge steel container.  NO dual fuel cells, and all fuel cells must have a minimum of 2 steel straps surrounding them.

8.All cars moving through and about the pit area must do so at a slow, moderate, SAFE rate of speed.

9.All vehicles allowed into the pit area will be done so by the discretion of Penton Raceways, Inc. officials.

10.All participating cars must have a tow hook mounted at the front and rear of car.  Any race car involved in an accident with out hooks will be hooked to the most convenient spot by the tow truck driver.

11.NO mirrors allowed in any class except Limited Late Models.

12.Absolutely NO nitrous oxide permitted in any class.  Any race car found with nitrous  oxide will be barred from Penton Raceways, Inc.

13.All batteries must be securely fastened to the race car.  NO batteries allowed in drivers compartment.

14.All participating cars must be equipped with a drive shaft loop securely attached to the frame.  All drive shafts must be painted white, except for aluminum drive shafts.



1.In events where the starting positions are determined by time trials, the car with the fastest time may have his choice of either inside or outside position.  Track reserved the right to have inverted starts.

2.All starts will be running starts, 2 cars abreast.  If the race is stopped for any reason after the first lap, the cars will be restarted single file, positioned according to the last green flag lap. All cars must remain in the same position until the green flag.  The flagman reserves the right to stop a race at any time.

3.Cars in any division that start the races on the front row will have 3 chances for a green flag start.  After 3 false starts, both cars will be put to the rear of the field.  Exceptions will be if cars in the field are out of position or if in an unsafe condition exists on the trace.

4.Any driver stopping before the completion of the first lap to bring out a caution on purpose will be put to the rear.

6.In case of caution, cars will not race back to the flag.  Caution laps will not count as part of the race, unless during a long race, when needed for time constraints, racers will be notified via raceceiver that caution laps are being counted.

7.Any cars that are involved in any accident that brings out the red or yellow flag will be lined up at the rear of the field. (this does not include cars that have stopped to avoid the accident.)

8.Slower cars given the passing flag must move to the inside of the race track.

9.NO work can be done on race cars on the race track without the permission from  Penton Raceways, Inc. officials.  Any car that goes into the pits after line up, and return to tack will  have to go to the rear of the field.

10.SPIN OUT RULE—If you purposely spin the car in front of you, you will be put to the rear and the car spun out will return to his position. This is a judgment call made by the flagman, and all decisions will be FINAL.  Three (3) spin outs will result in a black flag.

11 There will be a 30 min time limit on all feature races.




Everyone slow down to a safe speed and follow the car you were behind on the last green flag lap.  You will be lined back up on the track where you were running.  NOT the position that you are running.


This flag means DANGER, stop as quickly as possible.  DO NOT PASS the flagman when this flag is displayed.  The cars will be lined up again as they were running on the last green flag lap.


This means to pull into the pits IMMEDIATELY.


This flag is blue with yellow stripes displayed to cars who are about to be lapped and must allow the lead cars to pass.  When this flag is displayed for a lap car they are to get out of the lead cars way.  If they do not do so, they will be BLACK FLAGGED.


2010 Late Model Protest And Protest Fees

A.  Crate Engine                  $900.00          Track retains $200




            A.  TOP END                        $250.00          Track retains $50

                                    B.  OIL PAN                          $250.00          Track retains $50

                                    C.  FUEL                               $50.00            Track retains $50

                                    D.  CARB.                             $50.00            Track retains $50

                                    E.  CLUTCH                         $100.00          Track retains $50

                                    F.  BODY                               $100.00          Track retains $50



1.$50.00 per protest goes to the track.  Example, if you protest the top end and the oil pan Protest fee is $500.00 and the track keeps $100.00 and remaining $400.00 goes to the winning party.

2.All protest must be filed with the tech inspector within 5 minutes of feature race for that particular class.

3.Protesting cars MUST protest every car that finished in front of them. EXAMPLE, the third place finisher MUST protest the second place car to be able to protest the first place car.  Must finish in top3 to be eligible to protest.

4.Must protest top end to protest the bottom end.

5.All counter protest must be made and protest fees paid to tech inspector within 5 minutes of protest notification.  If 1st place car tears down and is found illegal,  or refuses to tear down then, his counter protest if forfeited.

6.During a protest 2 people ONLY from the protested car will be allowed in tech room for tear down.  1 person ONLY from the protesting party along with the tech inspector will be allowed in the tech room.  A protest will NOT become a community affair.  All decisions by the tech inspector will be FINAL.

7.Any car found illegal and/or refusing to rear down 2 times will receive a two (2) week suspension. Any car with a major infraction that is not corrected by the following week will be required to move up a division.

8.Gas must not check above +5 or –5 on electronic fuel checker when calibrated with track racing gas.

9.Any items not listed in protest fees are considered a visual protest and must be done before the heat races not after.

10.Any Engine may be protested to verify that it is legal, even crate engines.



In order to receive any award (for top 3) at the end of the year, you MUST run half of the races or more!