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This is a beginner class! If you have raced before please call the speedway office for approval.

Attention Racers:  All cars and components must be completely stock unless otherwise stated in

the rules below.  If it is not mentioned or specified below it is NOT a gray area to play in.  If it

does not say you can do it below that you better not do it.



A.  Any full bodied, and full frame sedan, example, Monte Carlo, standard or Metric Frame allowed.  NO GT

type cars.



A. 3500lb with driver.



A. All Factory stock components for make of car being raced.  No Solid Motor mounts, engine must be

mounted on stock mounts in stock location. Stock Steering, Stock Braking,  Stock Rear End to make of car. 

GM car must run GM rearend.

B. Stock type aftermarket springs allowed, NO weight jacks, NO hidden weight jacks or ride height adjusters.

C. Stock type stock mount shocks only.

D. Stock power steering pumps, and steering components.

E. Heavy duty aftermarket or aluminum radiator allowed, 4 or 6 blade fan mandatory.  No Clutch fans.



A. 350 cubic inch Chevrolet, 351W cubic inch Ford, 360 cubic inch Chrysler.  .060” over bore permitted. 2 or

4 bolt main block allowed.

B. No Performance Decking Block, piston must remain .020” minimum deck to piston clearance at all times,

any hole any corner.

C. Stock Stroke Cast Iron Crankshafts ONLY, stock GM, Eagle, or Scat stock replacement crank allowed 52lb


D. Stock length stock type, cast or powder forged I-beam rods Only, with 3/8 rod bolts.

E. 4 eyebrow, cast or hypereutectic pistons only, with stock size rings, NO Performance pistons allowed, NO

gas porting of pistons.  NO modifying piston in any way.

F. Cast Iron stock type water pumps only, No Aluminum pumps.  Aluminum pulleys OK.

G. Steel Economy racing oil pan permitted.  No oil scrapers or windage trays allowed.

H. Stock mount, and stock replacement fuel pumps ONLY.  NO Racing fuel pumps.



A.  Holley 1850 or EAMS Spec 1850 ONLY, 600 cfm maximum, Vacuum Secondary ONLY,  NO porting or

polishing, check with go-no go gauges.



A. Stock Street production cast iron intakes ONLY!  NO Bowtie intakes.

B. 1” Carburetor adapter allowed, with .060” thick standard gaskets.

HEADS:A. Factory production OPEN Chamber cast iron heads only.  70cc combustion chamber minimum.  NO closed

chamber or performance heads allowed.  NO Porting or polishing allowed.

B. Stock Steel valves only, Stock sizes for make of engine.  Example Chev.1.94” Intake maximum, 1.5”

exhaust maximum.  NO stainless steel or performance valves.  3 angle valve job permitted.

C. Guide liners OK. 

D. Stock Diameter Valve springs only.  Steel retainers, and keepers only.

E. stock studs only, may be pinned.  Stock stamped steel rockers only, long slot rockers ok.  NO roller or roller

tip rockers.



A. Flat tappet hydraulic camshafts ONLY.  No Roller or Hyd. Roller cams ONLY!  Stock diameter lifters to

make of engine, ex. Chev. .842”.  Wire clip lifters only, no snap ring lifters.

B. Chev.  Max lift .425” 252 degrees duration Max, 110 degree lobe center minimum.  Chrysler Max lift .425”,

252 degrees duration Max, 110 lobe center minimum.  Ford Max lift .433”, 252 degrees max.  Specs apply

to all lobes. ONLY aftermarket cam shafts allowed, COMP Cams Chev. Part# 12-205-2, Ford part# 35-215-

3, Chrysler part# 20-208-2.

C. Stock Type Timing chains ONLY.  No Double Roller chains, No Adjustable Timing gears, NO multi key

way timing sets.  Straight up timing sets only.



A.  Stock ignition systems ONLY.  NO performance ignition systems.



A. Exhaust Manifolds ONLY, NO headers.  NO porting or grinding inside exhaust manifold.

B. Must have exhaust pipes to divert exhaust away from driver’s cock pit.



A. Stock production manual or automatic transmission only!

B. Stock flywheel 11” diameter minimum 20lb minimum flywheel, 16lb minimum clutch and pressure plate.

C. Automatic must have stock torque converter, no dump valve.

D. $150 claim flywheel & clutch, manual transmission, automatic transmission & torque converter.



A. Safety Fuel cell Mandatory, enclose in steel case, with minimum 2 steel safety straps for mounting.  Must be

securely mounted, and safely mounted in trunk area. If fuel line passes through driver cockpit it must be

enclosed in steel conduit from rear firewall to front firewall. See safety rules for further instruction.

B. Gas or Racing Gas ONLY.

C. May cut hole in trunk floor pan to mount fuel cell only.



A. Full Stock factory steel bodies only, from bumper to bumper.  Plastic stock appearing bumper cover allowed

on front.

B. NO Hulling of roof, hood, drivers compartment (except for roll cage clearance on both doors ONLY), or

trunk area.  Front inner fender wells may be removed. Excessive hulling will result in excessive weight

penalty, do it right the first time.  Drivers cockpit must remain open, NO closing or tunneling.

C. All glass, and external glass plastic lighting must be removed.  Doors must be securely welded, or Bolted


D. Dash may be replaced with sheet metal, steering column may be stock or aftermarket steering shaft is

optional, may use aftermarket steering wheel with quick disconnect.

E. Full fire wall, floor pan, trunk pan, and fender wells required.  Must seal off trunk area from driver cockpit. 

F. Universal aftermarket gauges allowed.

G. Battery must be mounted securely in trunk not in driver cockpit



A. Quality constructed safe roll cage mandatory. 6 point minimum cage properly and adequately reinforced.

must be constructed of a minimum 1 ½” tubing. .090” wall thickness. 4 driver side door bars, 2 passenger

side door bars, adequately braced and welded to the frame. Front loop bar allowed may be tied in to main


B. Aluminum racing seat required, must be mounted on a seat hoop.

C. 3” wide, 5 point safety harness required, maximum 3 years old.  Bolted securely to roll cage, not floor pan.

D. Driver MUST have driver’s side FULL window net.  NO triangular or sprint car type nets.



A.  8” steel wheels ,maximum, NO bead locks.  Stock lug pattern, no wide five wheels or adapters.  .100” center

wheel hub thickness minimum.  ½” stud minimum with 1” lug nuts mandatory.

B.  D.O.T. approved for Highway use radial street tires ONLY!  No racing tires or racing tread patterns.  NO

grooving or siping of tires.

C.  NO Chemical treating or altering of tires.



A. Steel roll over bars are mandatory and must be approved. Aluminum and other soft materials are not

permitted. Front and rear roll bars must be connected at top (cage type) and bottom of both sides at seat height.

Side roll bars are mandatory and must extend into door panels, (minimum of four (4) on left side and two (2) on

right side with additional support on the back of the roll bar. All bars must be welded and not less than 1 ½”

O.D. steel tubing. No pipe fittings allowed. (See illustration B.)

B. A quick release safety belt of no less than three (3) inch wide material is mandatory and must be fastened to

roll bars with bolts and not less than 3/8” in diameter. Shoulder harness mandatory 3” minimum. Belts must be

dated 2008 or newer.

C. Only approved helmets will be allowed. Z-90 specifications. Full face helmets required.

D. All drivers in all divisions will be required to wear a complete fire resistant driver's suit. Fire resistant

gloves, underwear and shoes are highly recommended.

E. All cars will be equipped with their own fully charged 2 lb. minimum fire extinguisher in good working

order and installed within easy reach of the driver. On board fire extinguisher systems recommended.

F. Battery must be securely mounted in the trunk area of all cars. No batteries allowed in the driver's


G. Safety type racing fuel cell with steel outer covers are mandatory in all divisions, All fuel tanks and cells

must be mounted with a minimum of 2” x 1/8” steel safety straps that completely surround tank. No gas cans or

beer kegs allowed. No fuel cooling devices allowed.

H. All cars and drivers will be required to meet all safety regulations prior to competition. No Exceptions!

I. Center top of steering post must be padded with at least 2” of soft material.

J. Drivers must be able to exit car from either side.

K Racing type seats allowed. They must be securely bolted within the roll cage area of the car with 3/8”

minimum bolts.

L. All roll bars close to driver's head, arms and legs must be fully padded.

M. Kill switch is required within easy reach of driver.

N. All drive shafts must be painted white.

O. Window nets mandatory.

P. Penton Raceways. reserves the right to change, omit and/or enforce any rules necessary to maintain a safe program.