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**Rules new for 2011 will be highlighted in Blue.
**Please Note That Rule Changes Or Corrections, during the season Will Be In

This division is open to any 1955 or newer sedan. NO station wagons, pick up trucks.

A. Anyone with prior racing experience must be approved by EAMS to compete in the Bomber division.

3300lb with driver.
Crate engine 602.  GM crate engine must have GM orCrate USA seals.
C. Cars with 112" and longer wheelbase deduct 100lbs

A. NO high performance equipment or machine work permitted, unless otherwise noted here.
B. ONLY stock factory street production V-8 or V-6 engines permitted. Engine must be mounted in stock location, center of chassis, #1 spark plug must be in line with or in front of upper ball joint.
C. GM (Buick, Olds, Pontiac, or Chevy) 350 c.i.d., Ford 351 c.i.d., Chrysler 340 or 360 c.i.d. Engines must be stock bore and stroke, 0.60ths over bore permitted.
D. NO big blocks permitted.
E. Deck may be surfaced, but pistons may not exceed the top of the block.
F. Racing oil pans permitted.  Must be made of steel, NO Aluminum oil pans.
G. NO engine interchanging. Car and engine must be same manufacturer.
H. Stock factory production steel or cast iron cranks ok. Eagle cast crank p/n 103503480 is allowed.  This is the ONLY after market crankshaft allowed, and must have factory casting numbers intact
.  NO KNIFE EDGING or LIGHTENING OF CRANKS. Crankshafts must be stock stroke to size of engine. NO stroking or D-stroking.
I. Engine balancing permitted.
J. Stock factory exhaust manifolds or chassis type collector headers. Headers must turn under firewall and have collectors. Must be economy style header.  No stepped tube headers, headers must be the same diameter from head flange to collector.


A. Cast or forged flat top 4 valve relief pistons with minimum 1/16, 1/16, 3/16 ring package ONLY.
B. NO dome pistons permitted.



A.  Stock length forged steel, I beam rods ONLY (Ex. Chevy 350 5.7”).  3/8 rod bolt maximum.  NO H-beam rods, NO Billet or exotic material connecting rods.

A. Heads must be standard production factory steel or baby butt, 461, 462, 492, or 041. No vortec, factory performance heads, or after market heads. NO angle plug heads.
B. NO angle milling, porting, polishing, squaring, or epoxying of ports. Screw in studs or guide plates permitted. Rocker studs may be pinned, NO roller or roller tip rocker arms, or stud girdles. 3 angle valve jobs permitted.
C. Stainless steel valves allowed. Valve sized… Chevrolet 350 1.94” maximum intake & 1.5” maximum exhaust. Ford, Chrysler, and other GM products must be stock sizes. Stock diameter valve stems.
D. Steel valve retainers & keepers ONLY. NO aluminum, titanium, or other exotic material retainer. Any valve spring.
E. No mismatching of Cleveland or Windsor heads.
F. Screw in studs allowed.

G. GM Vortec Head assembly part# 12558060 (062 casting, same as crate engine). MUST use head assembly as it comes from GM, NO other machine work, MUST use same valves ,springs, and retainers.  .020 Maximum shim on valve springs.  Springs must meet 602 GM Crate Engine Specs.  Spring pressure 85lb seat pressure maximum, 195lb open pressure maximum.  64cc combustion chamber (+/- 2cc tolerance), intake runner 170cc (+/- 2cc tolerance), exhaust runner 60cc (+/- 2cc tolerance). 


A. Hydraulic flat tappet camshafts ONLY. .450” maximum lift for Chevrolets. .450” maximum lift for Chrysler. .458” maximum lift Ford Windsor. .468” maximum lift Ford Cleveland. Maximum lift applied to intake and exhaust & includes rocker ratio. Measure at push rod.
B. NO solid lift cams. NO anti pump up or Rhoads lifters permitted. Lifters must be stock diameter to make of engine. Example .842” Chevrolet, or .875” Ford.

A. Intakes must be cast iron or aluminum factory production low profile intakes.  Adapter plates permitted on cast iron quadrajet style intake 1” thickness maximum.
. May use aftermarket aluminum dual plane low profile intake manifold.  ONLY intakes permitted to use are Edellbrock 2101, 2701, or 7101.  Weiand 8120 or 8150. Summitt Racing 226008 or 226012.
C. NO porting, polishing, squaring, or epoxying of intake ports, plenom, or runners. NO milling or hogging out plenom.
D.  Ford Motorsport,  low profile Aluminum intake permitted, must add 50lb, and NO spacer with this intake.

E.  Vortec Heads may run aluminum low profile intake, Edellbrock part# 7116 or 2116, or GM part# 12366573 (same as on 602 crate engine) NO carb spacers with this intake. ONLY intakes allowed with Vortec Heads.

A. Stock OEM production 4 barrel, or Holley 600 CFM single pump vacuum secondary carburetor permitted.
B. Choke horn may not be removed.
C. EAMS 600 Spec Carburetor permitted.

A. Fuel tank may be moved inside of trunk. Tanks must be securely mounted. Fuel cell highly recommended.

A. Stock factory production electronic or breaker type ignition systems ONLY. Ford allowed HEI type aftermarket distributor.
B. NO MSD's or after market ignition systems of any kind allowed. NO spark enhancing devices of any type allowed.

A. Standard stock type single disc clutches ONLY. Must have diaphragm or finger type pressure plates ONLY.
B. 10” Steel flywheels ONLY, NO drilling or lightening of flywheel allowed, 15lb minimum,
Pressure plate 13lb minimum.
C. NO aluminum flywheels, multi-dics clutches, or RAM couplers allowed.
D. Ford may run 11” 15lb aluminum flywheel.

A. Stock factory production manual, or automatic transmissions ONLY. Automatic's MUST have stock type, and size torque converters. NO lock ups or shut off valves allowed.
B. Stock factory production rear ends.
C. GM cars may run Ford 9”.

D. Drum brakes or rear disc brakes. Rear disc brakes must have STOCK single piston calipers ONLY, NO aftermarket calipers allowed.  Rotor Hats must be STOCK steel, NO Aluminum or aftermarket rotor hats.


A. Minimum wheel base 108”.
B. ½” wheel studs minimum and 1” lug nuts mandatory.
C. All frames must be completely STOCK from front clip to rear clip. NO altering, shortening, or interchanging of any kind.
D. Upper & lower control arms must be stock factory production control arms, and MUST be mounted in original locations with NO cutting, lengthening, shortening, or altering of any kind. NO interchanging. Front & Rear control arms.

E. Uni-body cars may not be connected. Stock shape of uni-body may not be altered in any way.
F. NO reese bars, J-bars, torque links, weights jacks or any other traction-enhancing device allowed.
G. Stock type shocks ONLY, MUST be mounted in stock location.
H. Stock type suspension ONLY. Leaf spring cars must have leaf springs O
NLY, mounted in original position. Coil spring cars must have springs mounted in stock location, and use stock trailing arms. Urethane bushings permitted.
I. Stock type brakes systems or dual master cylinders allowed.

A. All bodies must be stock steel bodies. NO fiberglass or aluminum body panels allowed. Fenders and quarter panels may be cut for wheel clearance ONLY.  Five Star “Street Stock” steel replacement body panels allowed, must be the 101S body package or individual items stock replacement parts.  NO homemade doors, fenders, quarter panels, deck lids, hoods or roofs allowed.
B. Doors must be welded or bolted shut.  After market nose, and rear bumper pieces permitted.
C. Quarter panels must remain in original position. Cars with raised quarter panels or deck lids will be ruled illegal.
D. 6” spoiler allowed, 6” total material, spoiler supports must be a maximum 6” high x 18” long, Maximum of 3 spoiler supports. Spoilers must be mounted rear of deck lid, and be no wider than factory deck lid, Camaro’s may run full factory GM spoiler.
E. Stock bumpers ONLY. No heavy pipe reinforcements behind bumper, lightweight tube bracing ONLY allowed. NO push bars allowed in front of bumper.
F.Stock unaltered floor pan, firewall and trunk must be retained. No hulling permitted except front doors for roll cage. Dashboard may be replaced with sheet metal. All holes in floorboard and firewalls must be covered with sheet metal. Complete bumper-to-bumper unibody must be retained. Must have stock bumpers. No bump bars of any kind. May have radiator protection bar, cannot extend past front bumper.  Rear of Car must be closed in NO Open rears.

A. Track tire EAMS Spec economy D30 Hoosier Racing Tires only. Tires must be purchased from EAMS.
B. No inner liners.
C. No tire softeners permitted. Tires will be subject to durometer hardness test at any time to determine legality.
D. Steel wheels O
NLY. 10" maximum width. NO aluminum wheels. NO wide 5 wheels or adapters.  May Run 10” Steel Beadlock on right side ONLY.

A. Approved helmet and full fire resistant driver's suit required.
B. All cars must have a minimum 2 lb. Fire extinguisher mounted inside of car within easy reach of driver.
C.Stock seat with headrest okay. Racing seat recommended. Seat must be bolted with a minimum of 6 3/8" bolts to bars that are welded to roll cage. Must have 3-point quick release type racing seat belt with shoulder harness 3" wide. Must be bolted to roll cage with minimum of 3/8" bolt.
D. 6-point roll cage required and must be welded to frame rails and all connections must be fully welded. All cages must be a minimum diameter of 1 ½" and minimum .090 wall thickness. A minimum of 3 horizontal bars is required in the driver's door and a minimum of 2 in the passenger door. Roll bar installation and workmanship must be approved.
E. Additional safety requirements are outlined in Section D of General Rules for all Divisions.

A. $250 Top End
-$300 Crate Engine-  $50 will be retained by track.
B. Bottom End $250 -
$300 Crate Engine- $50 will be retained by track.
C. Must protest Top End to protest Bottom End.
D. Crate motors may be protested.

E. Visual protest $25- $25 will be retained by track.


In order to receive any award (for top 3) at the end of the year, you MUST run half of the races or more!